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New Website

All right, so I got this thing up and running. Some people who know me may know that I admittedly have not had the best knowledge of technology for much of my life. I didn't get my first smartphone until 2018, I use the "hunt and peck" typing method (although I've somehow managed to get pretty fast with it; maybe just sheer practice), and I often favor writing music out by hand to using music notation programs.

In spite of my resistance to electronic gadgets, though, the world goes where it goes. It's clear that in today's world, technology is where it's at. This is especially true in this time of a global pandemic, where leaving the house often becomes a very caution-riddled experience. Virtually all of my interaction with people lately has not been in person; it has been over webcam, phone, or internet. One time, a friend of mine on a gig (who is a few years younger than I am) told me that he thought we had been building an actual "virtual world" with social media. I was put off by the thought of it, but he definitely had a point.

In more recent years, I have been brushing up a bit on my knowledge of technology. I still steer clear of the soundboard when I'm playing a gig (well, pre-COVID), and I probably won't be inventing a new computer program any time soon, but I can operate a smartphone, design a website, use recording software and yes, I can even use music notation programs (even though I often prefer not to).

Have something you've learned recently that felt strange or foreign to you? Let me know in the comments if you feel comfortable sharing, and I'll catch you all on the next post.

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